Palestine Trade Center

International Market Research Consultant

Terms of Reference
Trade Facilitation and Customs Support Programme (Tasdeer) in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs)
International Market Research Consultant
Scope of Work:
The international market research consultant is expected to conduct market research on two priority markets while providing on-the-job coaching to staff at Pal Trade offices in the West Bank and Gaza. The market research will consider previous research done by PalTrade and other organizations.
Roles and Responsibilities:
The international market research consultant is expected to implement this assignment according to the following:
  • Conduct two separate markets research on the United Kingdom (UK) and Saudi Arabia markets. 
  • Develop with the MIU the market research action plan for study.
  • Conduct on the Job coaching sessions on topics such as data collection, analyses, and dissemination skills of the market information.  
  • Recommend specific sources of information.
  • Assist Pal Trade in conducting Information awareness workshops to the private sector on the outcome of the market research analyses reports.
  • Provide continuous perspective and advice based on the expert own experiences in country market research.
  • Produce with the support of the MIU staff the market research reports.
  • Provide all in-market information such as market trends, analysis of opportunities, market requirements, distribution channels. 
  • Prepare a list of potential buyers including contact details.     
  • Produce a summary document on how to penetrate the market.  
  • Evaluate the market intelligence unit at PalTrade and identify their future needs.
Disclaimer:  Tasdeer encourage consultants to submit proposals for at least ONE market as dividing the assignments is a possibility to ensure best quality service is received. 
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