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Export Development and Trade Information

PalTrade provides support to potential, as well as pre-existing, exporters by providing programmatic support in the areas of export development and market intelligence. This is achieved by providing support and capacity building across various sectors, with a particular focus on the area of trade information.

PalTrade has extensive research capabilities supported by 20+ years of experience in the areas of providing information for increasing export growth through market penetration data, and has developed an immense services package that is offered to potential and current exporters, donor organizations, embassies and consular representative offices. 

Services include: trade and socio-economic statistics, market research and studies, pricing, business opportunities, market access requirements, product certifications, match-making, and on-demand personalized trade information tailored for the requestor.

PalTrade’s members receive the majority of these services as a complimentary service. For non-members, a nominal fee is required for the exclusive data. 

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Market Pointers

Market pointers are an essential first-step for assessing potential new markets. Market pointers are information heavy with data about macroeconomic trends in the market, prices, quality requirements and market access regulations.  All the information is presented in a structured, summarized, brief order. It should be taken into consideration, however, that this service can take two to four weeks to be completed. Additionally, this service is free for PalTrade members.

Market Studies

Market studies are advanced market pointers that are presented in the form of a report. It includes all the information that is given in market pointers, in addition to consumer behavior, consumer trends, intelligence on distribution channels, and snapshots of the political and economic landscapes of the targeted markets.

The level of effort put into a market study is much higher than that of a market pointer. Information for market studies will mostly be gathered from paid subscription-services such as Euromonitor, which provide this information for only one paying user. This information cannot be cut/pasted and distributed; rather, it needs to be re-interpreted and paraphrased, analyzed and re-developed by PalTrade staff who are trained and certified by the International Trade Centre (ITC).  Market studies can take an additional 20-40 days to prepare this detailed, customized report.  The components of a market study can be found below:

  1. Introduction (Product description, objectives and methodology)
  2. Sector Import Profile (market size, growth rate, market potential, market history, Competition in market (including competitors’ prices of products in market, market share, segment served…etc.), Distribution channels, Market characteristics (including consumer trends, sector trends, and demand cycles), Import policy and procedures, Import channels, Packaging, Prices (in relation to potential buyers), Commercial practices, promotion, and market prospects)
  3. Legal, political and economic factors (Political climate and stability, International trade developments, Trade agreements (i.e. trade advantages), Trade barriers (both tariff and non-tariff)
  4. Importers’ Profiles
  5. Summary of conclusions and recommendations
  6. Pricing Reports

Pricing reports are pricing summaries in world markets. PalTrade currently has access to the food and stone and marble sectors. International database sources are utilized in extracting this informative data. Data for global food pricing is developed using Euromonitor (monthly and yearly) and FoodNEWS (daily and weekly), while Stonecontact is utilized for stone and marble products (monthly and yearly).

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets are concise reports that provide information about the size of a target market, as well its import share in the world market. It also provides data about competitors, main regional suppliers and an analysis of likely success based on the unit value and information provided in the report.

Market Access Conditions

Selling export products into foreign markets requires the compliance of a series of tariff and non-tariff measures, which may entail matching the expectations of buyers in compliance with certain private standards. On request, PalTrade provides comprehensive information on market access requirements for national products into several target markets, in order to facilitate selling your goods/services abroad.

Demand and Supply Surveys

Demand Surveys consist of two sections.  The first part contains information for the benefit of the potential exporter and comprises both company specific information and product information covering the product or product groups required for import; the results are summarized in a company/product profile. The second part is designed to identify areas where measures are required to facilitate imports from diversified sources of supply.

Similarly, Supply Surveys consist of two sections. The first part contains information for the benefit of the potential buyer and comprises both company-specific information and product information covering the products or product groups that the company can supply for export; the results are summarized in a company/product profile. The second part is designed to enable national cooperating institutions to survey in a structured manner, identify challenges related to the development of export trade, at both enterprise and national levels, and take the appropriate measures.

Export Readiness Assessments

This assessment is a set of 43 questions conducted by a PalTrade certified advisor; which examines the current and potential exporting status of a company. The advisor analyzes the answers and produces the Export Readiness Assessment report that indicates the current status of the company and the needed interventions and areas of improvement.  This assessment takes approximately two days.

Business Plans

Develop customized business plans for companies stating key findings and recommendations to be implemented. The business plan covers the management, manufacturing, marketing, and financial situation of the company and will highlight the key gaps and solutions needed to improve the company’s situation.

Capacity Building Courses

Organize and conduct capacity building training based on the needs of participating companies as identified in the developed business plans.

Business Management Diagnosis (BMS)

PalTrade offers free diagnostic reports for its member companies. The BMS is an internationally recognized program designed by ITC to diagnose and enhance SMEs’ operations and performance. The diagnosis of the companies will involve scrutinizing the current capabilities, assets, operations and management of the company to identify and highlight the points of weakness and strength, as well as the gaps in the company’s operations and physical assets.

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