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Skilled Young Palestine - Improving Resilience and Job Opportunities for Youth (Digital Marketing Course Activities - Hebron)

Within the program of "Skilled Young Palestine - Improving Resilience and Job Opportunities for Youth" implemented by the Palestinian Ministry of Labor and the Belgian Development Agency, with the support of the Belgian government, the Palestinian Trade Center (PalTrade), in partnership with the Hebron Vocational Training Center/Ministry of Labor, implemented a digital marketing course at the Hebron Vocational Training Center.

The training provides 450 theoretical and practical training hours on digital marketing to develop students' skills and help them enter the labor market with modern skills required by the Palestinian private sector.

Accordingly, the students of the digitalmarketing course in Hebron worked on developing websites, graphic design and others, under excellent supervision and training by Glax Training Company and the Vocational Training Center in Hebron.

Below you can see the achievements of the student Islam Bali from the digital marketing course in Hebron:

1. Student Islam Bali:

Finally, the PalTrade family, extends its thanks to the students of the digital marketing course in Hebron, and we wish them further success and development in their course and in their preparations to start the training phase through practical education in Palestinian private sector companies soon.

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