Palestine Trade Center

Ibrahim Khair Al-Deen Barham
Chairman of Board of Directors
Ibrahim Barham He is the Chairman and CEO of the Safed Group of Companies, which he founded in 1992, and which today is considered one of the largest companies in the field of information technology in Palestine, as it includes today three companies specialized in the field of hardware, programming and the Internet. On the other hand, Ibrahim Barham contributed to the establishment of the Palestinian Federation of Information Technology Companies. And Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Trade Center (Paltrade) between 2013 and 2017, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Monetary Authority from 2013 until 2019. He has more than 30 years of experience working in the Palestinian private sector, specifically in the information technology sector, as his experience is represented in: Business administration, laws and regulations for the private sector and management of financial and human resources. Mr. Barham is considered a major investor in Palestine, as he is a founding member of a number of Palestinian companies in the field of real estate, contracting, and general investments. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering - Department of Electrical Engineering at Birzeit University in 1991, from which he also obtained a Master's degree in Business Administration in 2005.

Ramallah Office (Headquarters)

Mall of Palestine - Building 2 Next to Plaza Mall, 5th floor

P.O. BOX 883

AL-Balou' - Ramallah

TEL: +970 (2) 242-8383

FAX: +970 (2) 242-2519 (general questions) (trade info. requests)