Palestine Trade Center

RFQ #PTC-018-2023: Content Translation Services - AR to EN

PalTrade was established in 1998, as a non-profit development organization, which was mandated as the Palestinian National Trade Promotion Organization. Recently, PalTrade has evolved into an export development organization with a mission to lead the development and sustainable increase of Palestinian exports as a driving force for sustainable national economic growth; and has been instrumental in leading the way to 
establish a National Export Strategy. PalTrade provides a wide range of support in the areas of export development and market intelligence, export promotion, and export policy and advocacy.

The main objective is to enhance the competitiveness and the export capabilities of the private sector through capacity building of PalTrade; to both improve service provision to member businesses and to lead policy reform initiatives. Activities to facilitate this objective would include:

  • The increase of access to global trade information through the subscription to market database and processing software.
  • The establishment of a trade policy and advocacy unit
  • The establishment of a specialized training program for current and prospective marketing directors.

The Palestinian private sector is the backbone of the Palestinian economy. Yet, the Palestinian private sector’s policy-setting and advocacy initiatives remain reactionary and ad hoc. PalTrade, as part of its main mission, seeks to establish a Trade Policy and Advocacy Unit that will aim to introduce policy reforms and to lobby the Palestinian Authority for its establishment in the service of the Palestinian private sector and the economy as a whole. The unit will focus on knowledge-sharing and the “Palestinianization” of international best practices that will serve to empower the 
Palestinian exporter and reduce policy and procedure-related barriers to its expansion.

PalTrade intends to establish a Trade Policy and Advocacy Unit (TPAU). The unit will have two main functions: 1) to develop policy reform recommendations that serve the agenda of the companies in the export sector, including PalTrade members; and 2) to advocate for the best interest of the companies emanating from evidence-based research and policy recommendations produced by the unit. To activate this component, PalTrade has hired a Senior Policy Advisor to create the unit and its hierarchy (organizational chart), strategy, and determine what policy papers will be developed as part of this program related in trade policy, international trade, and trade-relevant laws.


PalTrade is looking for freelancer or a firm to translate 20 pages of a policy paper from Arabic language into English language. The paper includes the organizational hierarchy and strategy for a new unit within PalTrade that will be dedicated to policy and advocacy.

Proven previous experience in translating policy papers is a MUST.

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