Palestine Trade Center


The Palestine Trade Center- PalTrade is organizing the participation of Palestinian pavilion in Fruit Logistica Exhibition 2023 in Berlin between Feb. 8-10/2023

Therefore, PalTrade is willing to receive price offers for constructing The Palestinian Pavilion over 70 sqm . Your price offers should be provided in the price schedule - Annex I included in page 3 per the requirements and specifications indicated in page 2.  Please respond to this RFP in two (technical offer and financial offer each in separated envelope) sealed envelopes to PalTrade offices (for local Palestinian companies) and via email (for international companies) submitted by e-mail to no later than Thursday 5th of Jan., 2023 at 12:00 PM Jerusalem local time addressed to "Procurement and Compliance Officer".

Provide offer for constructing the Palestinian pavilion per the following conditions:

  1. The pavilion will be constructed over 70 square meters.
  2. The pavilion will be distributed between 6 Palestinian companies.
  3. The designs are included in separate file or can be downloaded through the PalTrade website - PalTrade Tenders - RFP-PTC#039-2022
  4. The winning company will be responsible for constructing the pavilion according to the designs and specifications included in RFP. Variations in executing the designs on ground will be not acceptable at any condition without prior approval from Palestine Trade Centre- PalTrade and notification ahead of time at least (3) working days from executing.
  5. The winning company should provide the pavilion with all furniture and equipment in accordance with the design
  6. The wining company will be responsible to adhere and comply with the organizers technical, financial, and administrative conditions in general, especially in terms of obtaining working permits, loading, and offloading supplies, construction and demolishing rules and conditions etc.
  7. The winning company is responsible for getting all needed permissions to complete the work; moreover, it is required to apply for extra working hours permissions.
  8. Electricity connections, extensions and its related issues are of the winning company’s responsibilities.
  9. Cost of electricity fees (consumption) that is paid to the organizers, if any, is also the responsibility of the winning company.
  10. The winning company should construct, dismantle, and vacate the pavilion and leave it clean according to the dates, terms, and regulations.
  11. The winning company is responsible for implementing all engineering, technical, and financial requirements and all conditions requested by the organizer.
  12. The winning company is responsible for its employees and workers during the construction and dismantling and is responsible for their insurance against work accidents. PalTrade is not responsible for any of the above neither legally or financially.
  13. The winning company is responsible for any ruination or breakings in the construction area and is responsible for fixing it as the management of the exhibition deems appropriate.
  14. For the further details of the exhibition the interested companies are advised to visit the official

Ramallah Office (Headquarters)

Mall of Palestine - Building 2 Next to Plaza Mall, 5th floor

P.O. BOX 883

AL-Balou' - Ramallah

TEL: +970 (2) 242-8383

FAX: +970 (2) 242-2519 (general questions) (trade info. requests)